Where to Find/Buy Australian Made Outdoors Gear?

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So you love the great outdoors and want to support Australian Manufacturers but are finding it difficult to find Australian Made Outdoors gear? We know the struggle. That's why we have created this article to help you find Australian Made whether it be Hiking gear or Campfires/backyard fireplaces. We have listed 3 ways to help you find exactly what you're after easily.


Facebook groups

Quite possibly the easiest way to find what you want is to join a Dedicated Australian Made group. That's why we started our own dedicated Facebook group called "Australian Made Outdoors Gear"! With over 10,000 members you're nearly guaranteed to find what you are after whether it be hiking equipment or fishing equipment! (Provided it is made in Australia of course.) We are the only dedicated Australian Made Outdoors Group at the time of writing.


Australian Made Campaign

 The "Australian Made Campaign" website is a great resource for finding Australian-made products. Simply just type what you're looking for into their search bar. Results can vary though and often smaller Australian Manufacturers may not be listed on the website.

There is also a drop-down in the search bar that allows you to search for Companies if you would prefer to find Australian Made brands. For example, if you type in Camping you will get a list of results for Australian Made camping brands instead of products. 


AMD Touring

The last one on our list is our website "AMD Touring" We are your one-stop shop for Australian Made 4wd, Camping, and Caravanning gear. We love to find high-quality Australian-made products and display them on our website. We currently have over 200 Australian Made products from Swags to Awnings, Floor mats to Caravans we have got it all! Our prediction is by the end of 2023 we will have over 1000 products! We work with big and small manufacturers to make it easy to find Australian Made 4wd, Camping, and Caravanning gear.



If you found our article helpful share it with a friend. It's free and it goes a long way towards helping us support Australian Made!

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