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Jockey Wheel Buddy

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Our best selling product! 

Stop carrying muddy pavers or wood for the sinking jockey wheel - JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY is here! Made from Lightweight gal steel it pivots away, economical, easy setup, and best of all it's Australian-made! 

Jockey Wheel Buddy is super quick and easy to install anyone can do it!


Pick the right buddy for you below.


Cut-out base

Enables full manoeuvrability when in place, and will pivot with the jockey wheel for easy stowage when travelling. It is the perfect way to keep your car, bike or boat trailer or even lighter caravan or food van from sinking into soft or sandy ground.

Won’t rust, rot, warp, break or split.  Can’t lose it, forget it or search for it in storage.

Manufactured in Australia from high quality Australian steel for strength and hot-dipped galvanised for longevity, all products include a new galvanised bolt, galvanised washers and galvanised Nyloc Nut.

Solid base

 Solid Base keeps the jockey wheel above ground and stops all subsidence in soft, sandy or even muddy ground.  Once fitted, it will pivot around the jockey wheel for easy stowage when travelling.  No more carrying muddy brick pavers or blocks of wood. 


Manufactured in Australia from high quality Australian steel for strength and hot-dipped galvanised for longevity, all products include a new galvanised bolt, galvanised washers and galvanised Nyloc Nut.


150mm (6") Jockey Wheel Solutions

The small 150mm or 6" jockey wheels are generally all rubber with no centre hub and are fixed to lightweight trailers such as small caravans and box trailers and trailers used for moving cars, boats, jet-skis and motor bikes.


200mm (8") Jockey Wheel Solutions

These 200mm or 8" jockey wheels are the most common and popular and generally have a centre steel hub with a rubber tyre. This jockey wheel is usually found on boats, cars, farms or tradies trailers and mid-weight caravans.


250mm (10") Jockey Wheel Solutions

Generally, 250mm or 10" jockey wheels feature inflated or solid tyres and are often fitted to the heavier loads such as logging, farming, industrial, tradie or camper trailers, and heavy caravans. Bolt sizes vary with brands - 16mm, 20mm or 3/4".


300mm (12") Jockey Wheel Solutions

The 300mm (12") jockey wheels generally have inflated tyres. They are not so common but are used on very heavy trailers used for carrying large loads, heavy boats and vehicles or large off-road camper trailers and vans.


ARK XO 350,500 & 750 Jockey Wheel Solutions

The Ark XO (Extreme Off-Road) Jockey Wheel is probably the most adjustable and one of the strongest jockey wheels available. It is very common on camper trailers and enthusiasts requiring extra height and strength.




Q. Will JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY fit my trailer?                                                                  A. Absolutely.   JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY is designed to fit all trailers with a 6″ (150mm), 8″ (200mm), 10″ (250mm), 12″ (300mm, ARK XO500, ARK XO750, ARK CMJW350, BOS and Trail-a-Mate jockey wheels.  Galvanised bolt, washers and a Nyloc Nut to suit are provided with each BUDDY sold.


Q. Is my JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY covered under warranty?
A. JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY warrants that the Product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 year from date of purchase. This warranty is not transferable to a subsequent person if the Product is sold by the original purchaser during the warranty period.  If a product is found to be defective before the end of the warranty period under normal acceptable use, the product will be replaced free of charge.


Q. Can I install JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY on my new or 2nd hand trailer myself?
A. Yes.  Regardless of mechanical expertise, anyone can install their new JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY themselves. Simply remove the existing bolt that holds the wheel, place the JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY over the jockey wheel fork, thread the bolt provided with your BUDDY through the fork and jockey wheel and tighten the nyloc nut.  You are now ready to use your JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY.


Q. Can I move my trailer once JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY is installed?

A. Yes JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY is designed to stay permanently attached to your jockey wheel.   JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY with Cut-Out Base enables full manoeuvrability of the trailer when the jockey wheel is down and pivots with the jockey wheel for travelling.  JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY with Solid Base is suitable for larger trailers.  When the jockey wheel buddy is activated on the jockey wheel, the trailer cannot be pushed around.  For transit, simply pivot the jockey wheel and JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY out of the way as usual.


Q. Can JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY support my 3500kg caravan/trailer??                              A. Yes.  The weight on your jockey wheel is equivalent to the ball weight on your towball.   JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY is made of quality hot dipped galvanised Australian steel.  It will withstand pressures far greater than the ball weight and carries a full replacement warranty of 2 years, provided the Buddy is not used incorrectly.  Expect the JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY to outlast your current jockey wheel – it should be operational for years and years.


Pick the right size and design for your jockey wheel. If you have any questions please reach out to the friendly team at JWB

PHONE: 0422 76 76 09




Here at AMD Touring we are proud to make it easy to find high quality Australian made 4x4, camping and caravaning gear.

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Got ours from a show in Victoria 4 years ago. Solid base,best thing for stability and won't rust or break like the cheap plastic ones.