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Log Book and Travel Journal

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The Caravan & Camper Log Book is an A5 2 part book that will help you keep track of the places you stay and the kilometres that your caravan or camper trailer does.  Proudly designed & printed in Victoria.


Log Book:

We found we would set up at a park, and then drive around taking in the sights…but then we would lose track of how many km’s our van was doing. For re-sale and servicing, this information can come in very handy.


  • The front part of the Caravan/Camper Log Book allows to you note down where you stayed, rate it and jot down some notes that you can refer to later.
  • The back part allows you to keep track of the kilometres the caravan or trailer travels.
  • There is a fuel column too.
  • Endorsed by the Caravan Industry.


    • A5 SIZE - 2 entries per page.
    • Room for over 160 entries.
    • Spiral plastic coated wire bound.


    Travel Journal:

    Whether you enjoy occasional overnight stays, weekends away, international adventures, months of adventures on the road or even sleepovers – this Travel Journal will hold all your memories and take pride of place on your bookshelf.


    • 92 Journal Pages - Draw, write or attach a photo. The kids (and grown-ups) in your family will have a wonderful time documenting the highlights and happenings of each and every day 
    • Wire Bound with a Protective sleeve
    • Handy plastic coated checklist that can be used and re-used – again and again.
    • Plastic coasted Address Book page.  Jot down the names and addresses of your loved ones and sending those postcards or letters is easy – and much more fun than email. Plus, you can add any new friends you might meet on your travels to help you stay in touch – even when the holiday is over.
    • Activity Pages - these (and more) are also available on the Caravanning with Kids website to print for free!
    • Numbers, Writing & Drawing -  Let the kids have fun practicing their writing, finding the numbers of the date and drawing exciting pictures about their day…yes, scribble for the little ones is exciting! An educational tool that our girls and family will be enjoying for years to come and we are sure your family will too.


    • A4 SIZE
    • 92 Journal pages, including welcome letter, packing checklist, address book, activity sheets
    • Spiral plastic coated wire bound.
    • Plastic protective dust jacket.



    Here at AMD Touring we are proud to make it easy to find high quality Australian made 4x4, camping and caravaning gear.