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Scrunnel The screw in fuel funnel

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The Future Of Fuel Funnels Is Here

Scrunnel is a solid plastic mould that will screw into most fuel attachments that have screw-on fuel caps.

Petrol or diesel,  this funnel will revolutionise your working environment or home garage, outdoor activities and many more, and best of all we are saving you money.


Screw + Funnel = Scrunnel

The scrunnel is a hands-free funnel that screws into your cars fuel filler and holds in place using a locking nut.

Without the need to hold a generic funnel in place, the Scrunnel allows you to keep a free hand or use both hands on the jerrycan, ensuring fuel is not spilt.


Why choose a scrunnel?

Scrunnel is an Accredited Australian Made business based in Brisbane. The product is also manufactured and packed right here in Brisbane

Fits Most Screw In Fuel Caps

The design of the scrunnel allows the thread to attach to most screw-in fuel caps. As of yet, we do not have a bayonet fitting so please check your fuel cap before buying.

Sturdy And Reliable

The scrunnel has been designed to last and has no flex like other funnels. We have made the thread thick and durable so you can rest assured the scrunnel will last a long time.

Reduce Spillage

The unique design and solid mounting make refuelling a lot easier and better for the environment.

The throat and mouth of the scrunnel is designed to point diagonally up allowing an easy pour with no mess.


Here at AMD Touring we are proud to make it easy to find high quality Australian Made 4x4, camping and caravaning gear.

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