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AMD Touring

Wattle Flat Swags

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The Wattle Flat is a traditional flat camping swag – Use the swag flat or peg out the front with a pole for a bit of head room (ask about our optional pole kit) . Comes standard with zip down both sides for easy entry. Hand crafted, Aussie made in-store from only the best Australian-made canvas and fittings. Our swags feature a tough rip-stop base to protect your swag and durable yet breathable rip-stop canvas upper available in a great range of colours. Both canvas and stitching colours can be chosen to customise the look of your swag. The mattress is manufactured from high-density foam comprising 2 different layers to give maximum comfort and support and with a convoluted top make for easy rolling.

Upgrade you swag

Can’t decide between a Wattle Flat and the Mitchell?… Our Wattle Flat Swags can be upgraded to the Mitchell with the addition of mesh at any time.


 **Please contact us to get an accurate shipping price or alternativily we will just refund the diffrence as prices vary depending on a few factors.


Here at AMD Touring we are proud to make it easy to find high quality Australian made 4x4, camping and caravaning gear.