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  • When a single vehicle recovery turns into a 3 vehicle recovery within 2 minutes.

    This is a story about how rushing in can make things worse. When it comes to recoveries slow and steady wins the race. When I get there and only the Prado is bogged to the chassis with an approaching high tide just a few meters away and working against gravity to escape it. Lots of soft sand all around him but lots of 4wds around so a pretty simple and straight forward recovery. Well, it should have been anyway... Everyone was probably just as young as me but not quite as experienced as their natural instinct was to just yank the Prado out before the tide destroyed the vehicle. Old mate in the cruiser try's to pull him out from the back using his tow ball and you guessed it he got himself bogged. There were rocks in front of him so a snatch train from that angle wasn't an option either. Old mate in the patrol goes around the Prado for some unknown reason and also gets himself bogged also just meters from the tide. So within 2 minutes, it had gone from 1 vehicle bogged to 3 whilst I'm letting my tires down (45Psi in soft sand is a death wish.) It was at this moment that everyone realized they had fucked up and that the whole situation had just been made worse. Realizing I was the most experienced level-headed person there I took complete control of the situation. I told all of them to calm down and quickly gave each of them tasks. Now I have to give full credit to the boys as they all listened even though their minds were racing and all they wanted to do was keep trying to yank him out. Their tasks were simple mostly just letting air out of tires and getting snatch straps out etc. My tires were now at 15Psi and so I did a U-turn and gently snatched the patrol out of his resting spot as he thankfully hadn't kept spinning the wheels digging himself deeper. I then had him help me let the tires down in Dylan's ute a long-time follower who recognized me. A great young bloke building a pretty decent setup for himself learning as he goes. I love seeing young people getting out and doing something they want to do in life. Once Dylan's tires were down I started to get all vehicles in position to form a snatch train so we could reach much firmer ground. With 4 capable vehicles, I sent a Hilux off to recover the Landcruiser whilst the rest of us hooked the remaining 3 vehicles together to form a snatch train. We then just gently pulled the Prado out. Using 3 vehicles may have been overkill to some but it is for good reason. No one got injured, nothing got bent or destroyed and no one came close to getting bogged. So the few minutes it took to prepare by letting air out of tires, Lining up vehicles, hooking up snatches, Turning Uhfs on, etc meant less time fucking around with broken snatch straps, flying towballs, Injuries, bogged vehicles etc. It also meant a lot less stress on all of our gear. As I said earlier I'm very thankful they were all great young blokes and listened to me because it had become a very dangerous situation in a matter of minutes as 4wds were flying around, people walking around near the vehicles hooked up to snatch straps and of course the tow ball being used as a recovery point. Moral of the story for any stressful situation. Assess the situation, keep a level head, and formulate a plan. Don't rush into shit and stress out because that's when mistakes are made and the situation can go from bad to worse to life-threatening. Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert. I just happened to be the most experienced person there that was able to keep a level head and formulate a plan. Don't be afraid to step into any situation but if you do step into a situation you need to do everything in your control to ensure nothing gets damaged and more importantly no one gets injured. Have you heard of Bog Out? Are you considering buying a front and/or rear winch for your travels? You could save yourself thousands by reading this.

  • Traveling full time at 19! My year summed up.

    So I actually meant to post a while ago but iv been working hard on the website and work so I can play hard later in the year. As the title reads, I have been living on the road full time for over a year aged just 19! A lot of people thought I was dumb and that it wasn't possible but here I am and I'm happier than iv ever been! In this post, I'm going to do a quick summary of the last 18 or so months. I started my life on the road with a tray ute named Silverling and a vintage caravan (No amenities) I left Inverloch Victoria for a small trial run without my caravan just to make sure I had everything I needed for adventures without the caravan. 2 days after leaving on my way to Mildura I got accused of overtaking a truck on a solid white line (More on this later). A few days later I was on the Spirit Of Tasmania on my way to Tassie with just the ute and swag with me to save a few $100 on taking the caravan across because "What could possibly go wrong?". Upon driving off the Spirit Of Tasmania I had officially been in all states and territories of Australia. Now that was a good feeling. Covid 19 starts to happen and I'm completely oblivious of what's happening as I was in parts of Tassie with little to no service. My plan to save a few $100 on not taking the caravan to Tassie backfired as I was forced back to the mainland. With no place to comfortably live with amenities (Lockdown at this point was expcted to be 12-18 months) I was offered a care-taking position at Gilgandra caravan park NSW where I locked down for a few months and meet some amazing people to the extent that we basically all became family. Installed a diesel heater in my caravan with the help of Dave one of the lifelong friends I made at the caravan park. I start looking for small Australian Manufactuturers to support during these tough times but it was so difficult to find them when I didnt have anything in mind i specifically wanted to buy. This got me thinking about the challenges Australian Manufacturers have getting their name out there and building a successful business for themselves. Covid-19 starts to clear up. I get my heart broken by a girl so I decided to continue traveling but on route to Lightning Ridge but on the way my caravan chassis snaped. I then bought a camper trailer to replace the caravan whilst waiting for insurance. I do a quick trip out to Broken Hill and then up to Cameron's corner. Caravan insurance was going to decline paying out after a month of back and forth until I told them to pay for an assessor to come out and look at it. Apparently according to them they were more qualified to judge its condition via photos then a mechanic in town was soooo I told them they will have to hire an assessor to come out. Well they did only for the assessor to say the same thing as a mechanic and they paid out my claim plus a few $100 extra for the screw around. Insurance companies have to be 100% on their reason for knocking your claim back. Just before Covid picks up again I find myself in Queensland. I head for Rainbow Beach and start hearing noises with the transfer case I met Maddy (My now partner) and Alfie her dog After a mix-up at the factory, Maddy and I got a free private Bundaberg rum factory tour with extra free shots. I get the transfer case rebuilt and a new timing chain put in. This work should have meant I didn't need to touch the transfer case at all. I bought the canopy second-hand and made a bed in the back. 12th of October I was no longer considered teenager because I turned 20. I still feel like a teenager though! I got the rear springs pulled out and added an extra few leaf packs, got them re tempered, and put them back in by the team at Cairns Spring works who did an awesome job and actually ended up cheaper than initially quoted. I also left my camper trailer with them for the next month. Whilst in Cairns I of course went and did Cape York and met some absolutely incredible people and made friends with some of the locals. After about a month in the Cape, I made my way back down to Cairns. Maddy flew into Cairns to see me and we drove down to Townsville together and did a day trip out to Magnetic Island which was just so attractive... Sorry I had to We continued down to Mackay where Maddy flew home. After months of research and preparation I launched my own business AMD Touring dedicated to finding and showcasing Australian Made products in the travel industry at very affordable prices. I list all products without any price mark ups or any on going fees its all low commission based which is perfect for Australian Manufacturers to get some extra marketing/advertising. Its no surprise AMD Touring has grown from 4 manufacturers to having over 50 products with many more businesses asking to join in just a few short months. I run this whole website without any professional help or guidance. Just trial and error along with tips I get from people and Youtube videos. Not bad for a 20 year old huh? I continued down to the Sunshine Coast where I spent Christmas and New years with Maddy and Alfie. Maddy sold her beloved commy "Scarlet" and bought "Aurora" and "Duke" 2x Pajeros for $600. After a lot of work and a bit of money later "Duke" was sold for $200 and "Aurora" was road registered with 6 months rego, new battery, new timing kit, new water pump, full service at a total cost of just $1500. Maddy then moved out of her flat on the Sunny Coast to join me full-time on the road. We headed to Rainbow Beach where we both picked up work at the Frying Fish cafe (the best fish n chips shop in town.) Debbie was a great boss. The transfer case started making the same noise again. We built a double bed in the back of Aurora Just a few days before my court hearing for allegedly overtaking the truck on a solid white line they found out I would be pleading not guilty and unsurprisingly I received an email a few days later pretty much saying the case is being dropped due to lack of evidence... That is usually the case when you have falsely accused someone. A judge has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are guilty for you to be found guilty and in this case there was nothing but doubt. I sold the camper trailer. A quick trip down to NSW for Maddys family I finally sort out the transfer case A lot of money spent getting new parts for the ute including new wheel bearings to ensure it's in tip-top condition. We leave work in Rainbow Beach and plan for a short trip to Fraser island before heading west and down to Adelaide. On the way back to the barge my left wheel bearing collapsed. Long story short I ended up using a canoe as a sled to limp Silverlining off Fraser Island. I won't be mentioning who fixed my ute as I was very dissatisfied with their work given they're higher than average price. Needing work but needing a scenery change we headed to Mackay to work for the carnival/show. About half a week in I realized my hourly wage was about $7.50 an hour not including pack up time and travel expenses to each show... Maddy didn't like the crowds and I was getting paid penuts so we left. I recommend to avoid supporting dodgey operators such as "Wallah amusements" like the plague when you go to any show along the East coast. They run a Tin can game called Pokemon smash and a bucket toss game. Their are plenty of good carnies just ask Sam who to support and who to avoid as he is following the show circuit to raise money for charities. Met up with my mate Sam from The Traveling Jackaroo who I had been talking to since he started his plans to do a lap of Australia for a few causes including the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Dolly's dream in a bright orange Tractor with a Tinny on the roof, A bright orange enclosed trailer with a Plane on the roof, A motorbike and many other forms of transportation. If you don't follow Sam please take a small detour to show your support. Alfie and Sam's puppy Bitsa got along like 2 peas in a pod. Maddy and I left mackay and headed to Tambo Royal Carrangarra hotel to work for Ben whom you may have heard from Bens Chicken Racing which is fun as it sounds! Ben is a also a great boss to work for. And that just about sums up all the highs and lows of my first action-packed year and a half on the road! So what's install for the next year? I plan to continue building the AMD Touring brand and supporting Australian manufacturers. A new setup/vehicle is a very strong possibility... If all turns out with the current vehicle I'm looking at you may be very surprised by my weapon of choice. Maybe buy a rooftop tinny? Start a youtube series very very different to any other bloggers or businesses out there. A very fun and exciting venture but this is reliant on a few things. Head North and obviously the plan is to do Cape york again but this time spending more time up there as I made plenty of friends up there last year. Then head back south for the wet season maybe work in Sa but it depends on borders. All whilst continuing to encourage young people to get out and make their dreams a reality! To everyone I have met in this last year no matter how short we spoke for I thank you for being part of my epic journey and I wish you all happy and safe adventures. -Jaidyn

  • The Traveling Jackaroo

    The Traveling Jackaroo (Sam) just started his lap of Australia in a Chamberlain 9G tractor to raise money for charities such as Dolly's dream and the royal flying doctor service. Written by Sam AMD Touring have sponsored me with this awesome Pegless clothesline to use on the trip, first time I’ve seen some sun in a few days but now it’s working a treat (for anyone whose interested a 20L bucket strapped to a tractor with some washing powder does absolute wonders as a washing machine.) If you go camping a fair bit these pegless clotheslines are the go, can pack up into your pocket and you don’t need to worry about knots or breaking/loosing pegs, easy to setup too just need a motorbike and a tractor spotlight or anything for that matter. Cheers AMD Touring ya legends! To support Sam and his fundraising efforts please use the Promo code "jackaroo" on checkout on any product. Follow Sam on Facebook by clicking Here

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    Warranty and returns Our 30 days Change of Mind Return Policy Our change of mind policy allows you to return nearly all of our products that are unopened within 30 days of receipt of delivery for a full refund excluding shipping costs of the price you paid for the item(s). Shipping fees for change of mind returns are not refunded. Depending on your location items can take up to 5-8 days to reach us once you ship them. The amount will be refunded in Aud upon return. ​ Conditions applying to change of mind returns Unless otherwise stated in this Policy: All item packaging, documentation (boxes, manuals, warranty cards, etc.), and certificates of authenticity grading, and appraisal must be returned with the returned items. Packaging must be unopened and seals intact (where applicable). Items must be in new and unworn condition. Any items that, because of customer negligence, misuse or tampering are, damaged, missing parts, or in unsellable condition, will not be accepted for return. Any item(s) that have been resized, damaged, or otherwise altered after delivery will not be accepted for return. ​ AMD Touring is not required to accept change of mind returns on items outside the specified return window or change of mind returns of items that do not comply with this Policy. These conditions apply only to change of mind returns and do not apply to items that are returned because they are faulty. Shipping For change of mind returns of item(s) You are responsible for return postage costs. ​ Exclusions: Any product that has been specifically customized for you with options not listed. Cool Beans Campers. ​ Returning Faulty or Damaged Items ​ Our returns and refund policies do not limit other rights and remedies you may have under law such as the Australian Consumer Law, including in respect of faulty items. If you need to return a faulty item, please contact us for assistance. Faulty Items and Australian Consumer Law If an item purchased from AMD Touring is faulty, any related return and refund rights we offer you will apply in addition to and do not limit, other rights and remedies you may have under law, including under the Australian Consumer Law. In the unlikely event you happen to identify a faulty item or product please contact us within 30 days from receipt of delivery. Faulty items do not have to be returned in their original packaging, but must be packaged appropriately to avoid damage during the return shipping process. Factors such as age, price, the item's condition and the disclosures made about the item may be relevant to your return and refund rights under the Australian Consumer Law. ​ Customer Damage AMD Touring is not required to accept any returned item that, as a result of customer negligence, misuse or tampering is, damaged, missing parts or in an unsellable condition. ​ ​

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    Become an Affiliate A big part of AMD Touring is keeping our large range of Australian Made outdoors gear at affordable prices for everyone. We are very proud to not mark up our products and that we have a great team of affiliates. Our affiliate program is a great way to earn a nice little bonus whilst supporting Australian manufacturers which in return boosts the Australian economy. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please click here .

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