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Down Under Expo - Australian Made 4wd, Camping & Caravanning gear

I was just relaxing down at Rainbow beach one day scrolling through Facebook when an "event that may interest you" popped up on my Facebook feed. Normally facebook events don't really interest me but this one got me really excited! It was of course Australia's first Australian Made outdoors expo! It fits in perfectly with what AMD Touring is all about!

With just days to spare I let all of my independent manufacturers know about the event however given the short notice only 2 were able to attend.

I was going as well but not to sell anything you see my mission has always been to be Australia's 1 stop shop for Australian Made 4wd, Camping, and Caravanning gear. My goal was to grow my website and add more manufacturers. I was going to do something I had never done before... Approach businesses in person. Normally im a bit socially awkward so sending emails works well since I can take my time and add everything I need to say.


Friday: The day before the expo

I put together a form to hand out to the manufacturers despite my laptop crashing halfway through typing it... I dropped Maddy and the caravan off at her sisters on the Sunshine coast before continuing on to the event late Friday night. Let's just say I wish I had a navigator driving through Brisbane!!!


Saturday: Down Under Expo day!

Ill be honest I didn't know what to expect.

15 manufacturers came from far and wide to be there on the day. Each bringing their own unique products to the show.  

That's what I love about Australians. We are super innovative and think outside the box! Take Raff from Destination 4wd for example who is a client of mine but also a mate. He has designed and patented a free-standing 270 awning with extendable arms to give you even more coverage! Yes that's right extendable arms NOT legs.) It's such a genius idea you have to wonder where he thought of it. 

Find out more about the Destination4wd awning by clicking here

I also got to see what else he was working on but I can't say too much since they are still in the design phase. Let's just say Raff is super innovative and is a pleasure to know.

Raff drove all the way down from Cairns for the Down Under Expo.


I also had a look around the rest of the products on display at the expo including the Racksbrax that allow you to easily take off your awnings and accessories to fit your rig inside garage. Also, a great solution if you have 2 or more 4wds as instead of buying 2 awnings you can have 1 good awning and transfer it between vehicles.

Another product I had a look at was the Expedition 134 boxes.

I never thought I would get excited about plastic boxes but Expedition 134 boxes are built to be used outdoors. They are in my opinion the perfect in-between a cheap plastic box that will break after a few trips and a heavy expensive toolbox. They are lockable, Have a weatherproof seal, and of course, External tie-down points so you can access the internals without having to unsecure them first. You can buy spare parts including the lid, Wheather proof seal, and the latches. Just another advantage of Australian Made products. 


All in all, it was a great day out and I think we can all say a huge thank you to Camp King Industries for hosting this event, To everyone who came along for the day, and of course to all the manufacturers that came from far and wide to put their products on display for all to see.

B.E.S.T. Water Filters
Camp King Industries
Condamine Campers
Destination 4WD
Overedger Outdoors
RV Storage Solutions
Shady Characters
Trackabout Offroad Campers
Trayon Campers
TRED 4x4
Van Cruiser Caravans
Tradesman Roof Racks

And to the food and drink vans as well.

Can't wait to continue to build connections at the next event because at the end of the day everyone who came along had 1 thing in common and that is being passionate about Supporting Australian Made 4wd, Camping, and Caravanning gear. 

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