Roof Rack Accessory Brackets

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AMD Touring offers a comprehensive collection of Australian Made roof rack accessories that are specifically designed for most popular roof racks.

Our roof rack accessories are built to last and are perfect for 4wders and travelers. Our product collection includes a range of accessories that are designed to make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable and make accessing your recovery gear and accessories easier.

Here are some of the Australian Made roof rack accessories that we offer.

  1. Light Bar Mounts: Our light bar mounts are designed to provide a sturdy and secure base for mounting your light bar. They are made in Australia from high quality materials and are built to last.

  2. Awning Mounts/Brackets: Our selection of awning mounts / brackets are perfect for mounting your awning to your roof racks. With so many options it can be hard to choose! Enjoy the shade and shelter during your time away.

  3. Roof Rack Table Slide Mount: Our roof rack table slide mount are designed to conveniently and securely mount your table underneath your roof racks. It can be easily slid in and out for convenience.

At AMD Touring, we are committed to being the one-stop shop for Australian Made 4wd, Camping, and Caravanning gear.


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