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Welcome to our Camping Fridge Organisers category for Upright Camping Fridges, commonly found in 4WDs and 4WD Canopies! Discover the latest innovation from Overedger – our Model-Specific Fridge Organisers, designed to improve your outdoor adventures. After more than 12 months of rigorous testing, we're excited to introduce these organisers that will transform the way you keep things organized on the go.


New Release - Overedger Upright Fridge Organisers! Introducing our brand-new Fridge Organisers, meticulously crafted to meet your needs:

  • Model Specific Design: Our organisers are tailored to fit your fridge like a glove, maximizing available storage space.
  • Wide Compatibility: Don't worry if you have a different fridge model; explore our Fridge Organisers Category; you might find a solution.
  • Coming Soon: If you don't see your model listed, don't fret! We're likely already working on it. Feel free to send us a message for an estimated time of arrival. See the bottom of this page for other Storage Solutions!


Proudly Made in Australia: These organisers are proudly hand crafted in Australia using heavy-duty PVC vinyl and truck mesh. They're waterproof and hoseable, making post-trip cleaning a breeze.


Key Features:

  • Full Depth Pockets: Ample room to fit all your gear conveniently.
  • Cutlery Pockets: Perfect for quick dining stops during your adventures.
  • Full-Width Zip Pocket: Larger models (85L+) feature a zip pocket for longer items like tongs or a jet boil.
  • Built-in Paper Towel Roll Holder: Stay clean and organized wherever you are.
  • Warranty: Backed by Overedger 3-Year Warranty and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Color Options: While Henry Ford once said you can have any color as long as it's black (for now), we're actively working on expanding our color range.


Easy Installation: Wondering how to attach our canvas fridge organisers to your fridge? We provide 3M Dual Lock (TM) recloseable fastener strips for a reliable bond to your fridge door. These strips can withstand temperatures of up to 104°C, ensuring they stay in place even during hot days in the canopies.


Fridge Model Dimensions:


Dometic Fridge Organisers


National Luna Fridge Organiser


Evacool Fridge Organisers


    Kings Fridge Organisers


    Bushmans Fridge Door Organisers

    • Upright Fridge Organiser to suit Bushman's DC65-X Overall dimensions 390mm (W) x 450mm (H).
    • Upright Fridge Organiser to suit Bushman DC85-X Overall dimensions 415mm (W) x 565mm (H).
    • Upright Fridge Organiser to suit Bushman DC130-X Overall dimensions 485mm (W) x 670mm (H).


    Benefits of using a Upright Fridge Door Organiser

    1. Convenient Access: Having an organizer on the outside of the fridge door allows for easy access to frequently used items like condiments, small snacks, or drinks without needing to open the fridge.

    2. Space Saving: By utilizing the external door space, these organizers help free up storage space, making it ideal for canopies and 4wds where space is at a premium!

    3. Better Organization: External organizers can help keep smaller items that might get lost easily accessible and visible.

    4. Versatility: Our range of upright fridge organisers are versatile and can be used to store anything from tea towels, cooking utensils, or even notepads and pens for grocery lists.

    5. Aesthetic Enhancement: We might be biased but we recon any fridge looks better with an upright fridge organiser on it!

    6. Easy Installation and Removal: Our range of organizers are easy to install and remove without needing any tools, making them convenient for everyone!

    7. Keeps Countertops Clear: By providing extra storage space on the fridge door, these organisers help your camp kitchen countertops less cluttered.

    These canvas fridge organizers  are particularly useful for those looking to maximize space in their camping setup and keep essential items within easy reach.


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