Australian Made Camping Storage Bags

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Camper's Choice Spare Wheel Bin Bag

$212.00 AUD

Large Bag

$25.00 AUD

Large Camo Bag

$35.00 AUD

Firewood Bag

$25.00 AUD

Stone Guard Bag

$85.00 AUD

Fire Pit Bag

$85.00 AUD

Tailgate Bin Bag

$219.00 AUD

Generator Bag

$140.00 AUD

Map Bags

$35.00 AUD

Gas Bottle Cover

$65.00 AUD

Our range of Australian Made Camping Storage Bags are designed to withstand the harsh Australian elements!

Why buy an Australian Made Camping Storage Bag from AMD Touring? 

When you buy from AMD Touring you are buying a high quality product made right here in Australia. Second to none customer service. When you buy Australian Made you keep your money in Australia and help to keep our employment rate up. We do not want to be a country that relies on imports!


What Camping Storage bags does AMD Touring sell?

AMD Touring sells a range of Australian Made storage bags including Overnight storage bags, Weekender storage bags, Clear top canvas storage bags, Generator carry bags, Swag bags and of course the very popular Oeredger pack -60 second camp kitchen!

Should I buy a Camping storage bag or an Expedition 134 Storage Box? 

Well, that depends. Camping bags are great for stuffing into tighter places such as behind your seat and they can easily be used away from camp such as a recovery gear bag. On the other hand Expedition 134 storage boxes are great for putting on your roof racks as they can easily be locked and your contents will stay completely dry and dust free due to their weatherproof seal.


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