Ute Swags

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Hard Lid Ute Swag

$1,100.00 AUD

Soft Ute Swag

$1,300.00 AUD

Are you passionate about camping and exploring the great outdoors? Experience the joy of sleeping in a dry and comfortable space with our custom made Ute Swags. Designed to fit the back of most utes, these swags offer the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and freedom. Say goodbye to damp tents and hello to your private hotel on wheels!


Benefits of Ute Swags:

  1. Stay Dry and Enjoy Fresh Air: Our Ute Swags provide a strong and reliable shelter, allowing you to sleep comfortably while staying protected from the elements. With the option to open the windows, you can let in the fresh air and enjoy the invigorating outdoors without compromising on comfort.

  2. Custom-Made for Your Ute: Our Ute Swags are tailored to fit your specific ute model, ensuring a seamless and secure connection. 

  3. Bid Farewell to Wet Tents and Leaky Roofs: Forget about dealing with wet tents, cold floors, and leaky roofs. Our Ute Swags offer a reliable alternative, providing a comfortable and dry sleeping space. The soft cover swag can even fit over roll bars, requiring minimal modifications to your ute.

  4. Built for Australia's Harsh Conditions: Our Ute Swags are designed to withstand the rugged and unpredictable Australian environment. Made from High quality Australian Made canvas, they are built to last and require very little maintenance. Rest assured, our swags are up to the challenge of Australia's harsh conditions.

  5. Freedom to Explore: Whether you're heading out for a camping trip, fishing expedition, surfing adventure, or bush exploration, Ute Swags offer the ultimate freedom. Simply pack up and hit the road, knowing that your comfortable and secure sleeping quarters are always with you.

  6. Best of both worlds: With a ute swag you have the benefit of being off the ground without being to high that you require a ladder and it's just as easy to set up as a rooftop tent!


Personalize Your Ute Swag:

Express your unique style by choosing the colours to match your ute. Our range of colour options allows you to customize your Ute Swag to make it look like a factory fitted option!


Invest in Ultimate Camping Comfort:

Experience the joy of camping without compromising on comfort and convenience. Our Ute Swags provide a cozy and secure sleeping space, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are Ute Swags compatible with all ute models?

Our Ute Swags are designed to fit all current shaped Commodores, Crewmans and Falcons, we also offer Utes wags in D-max and Navaras. Please contact us if you have diffrent ute.

Do Ute Swags require any modifications to the ute?
In most cases, Ute Swags do not require significant modifications to your ute. They are designed to be easily connected and secured in the back of your vehicle without the need for extensive alterations.

Can Ute Swags accommodate roll bars or other accessories on the ute?
Yes, our Ute Swags are designed to accommodate roll bars. The soft cover swag is  designed to fit over the top of your roll bars without hindering their functionality.

>Are Ute Swags waterproof and suitable for different weather conditions?
Yes, Our range of ute Swags are designed to withstand various weather conditions including torential rain.

Are Ute Swags easy to set up and pack away?
Yes, Our ute Swags are designed for ease of use and convenience. Our Ute swags feature a simple and straightforward setup process, allowing you to have your sleeping quarters ready within minutes. packing away is just as quick and easy!

Are Ute Swags suitable for long camping trips? 
Yes, Ute Swags are designed to provide comfortable sleeping quarters for extended camping trips. They are built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Individual preferences may vary, and it's important to consider factors such as size and required storage space.

Can Ute Swags be customized or personalized? 
Our ute swags can be customized and personalized. This can include choosing specific colors or additional features to suit your preferences. 

How do I maintain a Ute Swag?
Sweep and/or vaume the inside of your ute swag 
If possible pack it up when it is dry or ulturnativily you can set it up at home to dry before storing it away between uses. 
How do I clean a ute swag?
Sweep and/or vacume the inside. 
Remove dirt and mud with a sift brush and cold water.