Swag and Tent Bags

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Welcome to our Australian Made Swag and Tent Bags Collection!

Discover the essence of quality and craftsmanship with our range of Heavy Duty, Australian Made Swag and Tent bags. Each product is thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted to make your outdoor experience a better one! Nothing worse than arriving at camp to find your tent or swag is wet.


1. Swag Bags - Easy Load: 
Do you transport your swag on your roof racks or Tub Racks? Always fearful it will fall off without you knowing? Introducing the Swag Bags - Easy Load!
Durability and Functionality are the core values of our Swag Bags - Easy Load. Crafted with precision in Australia, these bags are made to protect your swag during transport and storage. Choose from 3 sizes and 3 colours to find the perfect fit for your swag and style! Gone are the days of stressing if your swag is going to fall off.
2. Swag Bag:
Looking for a Heavy Duty Swag Bag on a budget? Look no further!
Our Australian Made Swag Bag is made from a Durable Tear-stop PVC Bag with tough webbing handles and heavy-duty zip. Available in 3 sizes to fit most swags.

3. Tent Bags:
Our Australian Made tent bags are designed to make packing and transporting your tent a breeze. With sturdy handles and 700gsm ripstop PVC, these bags ensure that your tent remains in excellent condition, trip after trip. Explore our range of sizes to accommodate different Oztent Tents but they can be used for any tent. Just check the dimensions!

Invest in the best for your camping adventures. Browse our Australian Made Swag and Tent bags collection today and experience the difference in quality and craftsmanship. Your journey begins with the right gear—choose excellence with our outdoor essentials.

Why buying a quality Swag Or Tent Bag is a no-brainer!


1. Protection for Your Investment:

A high quality Swag or Tent is an investment in itself that could cost 100s if not 1000s of dollars! A durable and well-designed bag provides essential protection, shielding your investment from wear and tear during transport and storage. It ensures your investment lasts for years to come! All AMD Touring Swag and Tent Bags are made with durable ripstop Pvc. 


2. Quality Carry Handles.

The right bag makes carrying your Swag or Tent a breeze. Sure most Swag and Tent bags come with handles but in many cases, they aren't designed to last! A quality bag comes with quality handles ensuring you can carry your swag or tent to and from your campsite, saving you time and effort. 


3. Enhanced Durability:

A good quality bag is constructed from durable materials that can withstand the harsh Australian conditions. This durability is crucial for protecting your swag or tent from mother nature, rough terrain, and other potential sources of damage. Our range of Swag and Tent bags are all made with durable Ripstop Pvc


4. Efficient Storage:

Our range of Swag and Tent bags are designed to efficiently store your camping gear. Our Oztent bags are made larger than the original Oztent bag so that you're not fighting to get it in the bag when it comes to packing up time. 


5. Versatility for Various Conditions:

Our quality bags are designed to be versatile and adaptable to different weather conditions. Waterproof or water-resistant materials and reinforced seams can protect your gear from rain, ensuring that your swag or tent remains as dry as possible.


6. Peace of Mind:

Knowing that your camping gear is well protected in a high quality bag provides peace of mind. Whether you're traveling for a weekend getaway or a lap around Australia, you can focus on the experience, confident that your equipment is in good hands.

Investing in a good quality Swag or Tent Bag is an investment in the longevity, convenience, and overall enjoyment of your camping experiences. It ensures that your gear is well-protected, easily accessible, and ready for every adventure!