About us

The man behind the brand!

Gday I'm Jaidyn Battista I'm only 21 and there no denying that I'm completely obsessed with everything related to the great outdoors. I got my license the day I turned 18 and not even 1 month later I set off on a 3-4 week trip up to Fraser Island. (You need to be 18 to get your license in Victoria.)

11 months later I did another few-week trip to Uluru and that Is when I decided I was going to take the plunge and start traveling full time!

I have now been traveling full time for more than 2 years and in that time I have, I have done a lap around Tassie, Outback Nsw, East coast of QLD, and Cape York twice!

I fund my travels by picking up work for a few months as I travel. Im a firm believer that anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

So where did AMD Touring begin?

Well, have you ever had the frustration of trying to find Australian-made 4wd, Camping, and Caravaning gear? You're not the only one. During the peak of covid-19 lockdown in 2020, I was caretaking at a caravan park in central NSW and I wanted to support Australian manufacturers as I had some money to play with since I was working sooner than I planned and because the travel industry had ground to a complete stop!

As you could imagine It wasn't an easy task!

Instead of just sitting back and doing nothing about it I set to work to find a way to make it easy for everyone to find Australian Made products in the industry at affordable prices. I quickly realized that Australian Made products can be very price competitive when you buy directly from the manufacturer.

After months of research and preparation, Australian Manufacturers Direct was born just before the close of 2020. Now if you thought Jeez that's a bloody mouthful to say little alone type you would be right! So a few months later we rebranded to AMD Touring.

That was just 1 of the many mistakes I have made along the way but I learn from my mistakes and I continue to build and grow AMD Touring because I'm committed to becoming Australia's 1 stop shop for Australian Made 4wd, Camping, and Caravaning gear!

Here on our website, you will find more the 70 Australian-made 4x4, Camping, and Caravaning products and that is only growing!