Travel Buddy Oven Accessories

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Our range of high quality Australian Made Travel Buddy Oven accessories, Ovens, Trays, Accessories & Brackets.


This category includes...

Travel Buddy ovens: Portable 12V ovens are perfect for road trips, camping, and outdoor adventures. Cook hot meals on the go with ease.


Oven trays including Travel Buddy trays: Quality Australian Made oven trays for most types of portable ovens including Travel Buddy Ovens. Designed to prevent mess while cooking they are Ideal for cooking, baking, and outdoor adventures.


Accessories: Featuring the Travel Buddy Insulated Door upgrade and portable Oven Brackets. Enhance your mobile cooking experience with these essential add-ons.


Trivets: Discover Australian Made Portable Travel Oven Trivets - essential accessories for your cooking adventures on the go. 

What is an Oven Trivet?

An oven trivet, often simply referred to as a trivet, is a heat-resistant and flat platform or stand that is placed inside an oven to hold hot pots, pans, or dishes. The purpose of a trivet is to elevate the cookware above the oven's surface, allowing air to circulate underneath and prevent direct contact between the hot cookware and the oven's rack or surface. This helps to distribute heat more evenly, prevents the cookware from sticking to the oven surface, and protects the oven from spills and potential damage.


Why buy Australian Made Travel Buddy oven accessories?

Because when you buy Australian Made you know your buying quality that will last & that your going to receieve great customer service!


Why upgrade to an Insulated Travel Buddy Door?

Upgrading is not essential however upgrading to an Insulated Travel Buddy Door can have the following effects:

  1. Temperature Control: Insulated doors can help maintain a stable internal temperature in various weather conditions. This can be particularly important in cold climates. 

  2. Energy Efficiency: Insulated doors can help reduce heat transfer, which can lead to better energy efficiency. The more heat your oven can contain the less battery power it will use. 

  3. Longevity: Insulated doors can extend the lifespan of your oven by reducing wear and tear and maintaining optimal operating temp. This can result in cost savings and a longer service life for your oven.

  4. Start up: Insulated doors can reduce the time it takes to get your oven to cooking temp. Less waiting time = Meals cooked faster.


Also contains:

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