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Custom Carvan Storage pocket


Custom Carvan Storage pocket 2



Our Caravan storage pockets come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!

We have a 30 day return policy if you're not completely satisfied. We will not cover accidental cutting of any caravan storage pockets when opening up the packaging with sharp implements. Please be careful!

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, and in its original packaging. 


Lead Time:

All of our wall pockets are made to order and take approximately 3-5 business days.



Our van pockets are easy to install, with no tools required as each pocket has a hook and loop on the back. They can also be fixed using screws or bolts however they are not supplied with our wall pockets.


Custom Wall Pockets / Alterations:

Are you after a custom pocket or an alteration to one of our existing Caravan Storage pockets?

As all of our wall pockets are made in-house we can of course make alterations to suit your needs. Our custom Australian made caravan storage pockets offer the same great quality at really affordable prices! Don't be tricked into thinking that custom must mean expensive!

Send an email to to get a free quote or to discuss what you want.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you make Water bottle holders?

Yes, we most certainly do! 

Please see product #1 for our Marine Vinyl water bottle holder

Please see product #2 for our Synthetic Leather water bottle holder


Do you make Torch holders? 

Yes, we do. Please check out listing #22

Can a Caravan storage pocket be mounted in a 4WD / Slide on Camper?

Yes, their light weight design makes them incredibly useful in a range of vehicles including 4wds. However, they may need some additional securing especially if you plan on going over corrugations or driving the Bruce Hwy!

What is a wall storage pocket?

Caravan wall storage pockets are a lightweight storage solution usually made from Vinyl or Leather that can be fixed to a wall using velcro. They can also be fixed to your wall by screws.


What can you store in caravan wall storage pockets?

Anything from books, playing cards, books, torches, phones, tablets, sunglasses, prescription glasses & reading glasses, deodorant, perfume, and any other small items. 

Where can you put wall storage pockets?

You can put wall storage pockets anywhere including in RVs, motorhomes, boats, yachts, offices, and houses.


Some other names include Leather caravan storage pockets, Caravan wall storage pockets, boat storage pockets/storage pockets for boats, Campervan storage pockets & Van storage pockets, and Caravan pocket storage.



What are some great Caravan interior storage solutions?

Caravan Storage Pockets is widely considered the best choice for making the most of the limited space inside Caravans because they make use of walls that would otherwise be empty. 

You will be surprised just how much storage space you can free up in your caravan by getting some Caravan Storage Pockets!

Caravan Storage Pockets or Caravan Storage Containers?

Caravan Storage Pockets are great at utilizing space on your walls that would otherwise go unused. Caravan Storage Containers are useful for keeping your cupboard and compartments more organized.

Storage for caravan

Make extra storage for the caravan by adding some Caravan Wall storage pockets. You can add them on walls, Your door, cupboard doors, or anywhere for that matter!


Are you looking for Caravan storage ideas or RV storage solutions? Our range of Australian Made caravan storage pockets are perfect to make use of otherwise wasted space! Our storage pockets are also ideal for Vans. RVs, Motorhomes, Boats, and Yachts. We're sure you will find some good storage ideas for RV living.





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