Square Storage Pockets

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Square Storage Pockets - Maximizing Organisational Efficiency

Introducing AMD Touring's Square Storage Pockets, the perfect solution for those who need efficient, stylish storage options. Designed for versatility, these pockets are ideal for organising a wide range of items in caravans, RVs, homes, and offices.


Marine Vinyl and Synthetic Leather: Where Durability Meets Elegance

Choose from Marine Vinyl or Synthetic Leather, both well known for their durability and aesthetics. These materials are not only tough and long-lasting but also add style to where ever you mount them!


Personalize Your Space with our range of colours

Our Square Storage Pockets are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to match them with your interior décor or preferences. Whether you're looking for a subtle addition or adrop of colour, we've got you sorted!


Universal Application: Beyond Caravans and RVs

While initially designed for caravans and RVs, the functionality of our Square Storage Pockets has found a place in homes and offices. They're perfect for keeping essentials organised and within arms reach, wherever you choose to install them.