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Bog Out Recovery Kit

Bog Out Recovery Kit

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Bog Out recovery kits, Spares and Accessories come with Free express shipping Australia wide!

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12 Months warrnty on all Bog Out recovery kits, Spares and Accessories.

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This awesome bit of gear is super compact and light fitting into small places such as your glove box. Instead of spending $1000s buying a winch and a winch-compatible bullbar just for a front winch save yourself the hassle and get yourself a set of Bog Out's that can be used as a front winch OR a rear winch saving you thousands upon thousands!


Bog Out turns your wheels into winches. It works forwards or reverse, and is suited to sand, mud, and snow.

Designed, tested, and made in Tropical North Queensland, Bog Out is a new and unique system. Bog Out is safe to use, compact & reliable, and comes in a handy back sack that can fit in your glove box. Bog Out is made in Australia and has been designed & tested in rugged North Queensland for over 10 years. Bog Out can be used with most vehicles; cars, 4wds, even tractors and we can custom make to individual specifications as required for ATVs, heavy machinery, military, and even motorbikes.




Rated to 3.5-tonne ton each

4.5 metre harnesses made from exceptionally strong materials, designed to allow your vehicle’s wheels to become winches. We have made this standard model to fit the wheels and tyres of almost all cars, 4wd’s and smaller tractors. Standard tyre widths ranging from 165mm (6 ½”) to 345mm (13 ½”) are accommodated and this is the model (code 1102) for those and everything in between. Larger tyre diameters (35’s +) are no problem.

A Bog Out Twin pack will usually be required for vehicles that don't have diff locks fitted.



How to use:

Simply connect 1 end of the Bog Out harness to your wheel as shown in the instructions booklet that is included in each Bog Out purchase. Your wheel is now your winch so all you need to do is attach the other end of your harness to a rated chain or rated rope such as the 15m super rope or the 30m braided rope. Run the other end to a suitable tree.

Tie your chain or rated rope around a tree or alternatively, you can use a tree trunk protector and run the tree trunk protector around the tree connecting it back to the rated chain or rated rope.

If you are more seriously bogged and don't have a diff locker you can engage then you will need to attach 2 harnesses to your front or rear wheels and repeat this process as the wheel with the least resistance will always spin.

*It is highly recommended to use soft shackles so in the unlikely event that something does break no metal will become a projectile and injure someone or damage a vehicle or property.

*If there is no suitable tree available you can always bury your spare tire as many people do in order to use a normal winch.


30-day money-back guarantee!

We're very confident you will love this product but for added peace of mind, We back this product with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply Return the product to us and we will fully refund you including shipping.

*This is seperate to the manufacturer warranty.
Item must be undamaged and/or unchanged. Minor wear and tear accepted. 


Product options:


Single Pack comes with:

1x Bog Out recovery system rated to 3.5 Tonne the handy ‘Back-Sack’ bag along with 2 red connector ties and comprehensive User Guide.

Free Shipping Australia wide

Please note that a vehicle that is heavily stuck may require 2x Bog Out recovery devices unless a diff locker is fitted and working.


Twin Pack comes with:

2x Bog Out recovery system rated to 3.5 Tonne each the handy ‘Back-Sack’ bag along with 4 red connector ties and a comprehensive User Guide.

Free Shipping Australia wide

(This kit is ideal for heavily stuck vehicles as the tire with the least resistance will always spin unless a diff locker is fitted)


2x Bog Out Soft Shackles:

Bog Out soft shackles are made specifically to complement the Bog Out recovery system. Our soft shackles are made to our own specifications with a breaking strength of over 4.5 tonnes and can be used anywhere in place of steel shackles providing a safer and quicker option. Joining your Bog Out to an extension rope is a breeze and now even easier to undo after recovery.

(Soft shackles are not made in Australia at this point in time but they want to bring the manufacturing of them to Australia and are a crucial part of the Bog Out kit. Thank you for your understanding.)


15m Super rope:

Handy 15 metres of 3 tonne super rope specifically designed for Bog Out and manufactured to our low stretch, high strength formulae. It comes with spliced eyes and in a tuff ‘Back-Sack’ bag along with two red connector ties and instructions.


Replacment Rungs:

Bog Out is made tough but not indestructible (we still use our prototypes which have done many, many recoveries). If a rung is damaged, it can be replaced and can be repaired in the field or back home in the shed. They are made to our own specifications with a breaking strength of over two tonnes and designed to resist tearing (unlike seatbelt-type materials).

They come in packs of 3.


Spare Connector Ties:

Our red connector ties are made to our own specifications with a breaking strength of over two tonnes and designed to resist tearing (unlike seatbelt-type materials). Whether connecting the Bog Out to your wheel, or to an extension rope or anchor, or a myriad of other jobs, these ties are very useful and we recommend having spares. These ties are tuff but do a lot of the ‘dirty work’ in the recovery process and should be considered disposable when damaged. They’re fully recyclable and inexpensive.

They come in packs of 5 and are approx 900mm long.



Here at AMD Touring we are proud to make it easy to find high quality Australian made 4x4, camping and caravaning gear.

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Mick McColl
Packs away well.

I will be changing over to soft shackles as soon as I can.

Thank you for your review. They are definitely much lighter!

Australian Made Retail Supporter