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Croc Hinge 4wd bracket for recovery boards

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The CROC HINGE® 4x4 bracket is the innovative new mount that gives you the versatility to switch up how you store your 4x4 accessories. This patented system allows for the convenient, controlled and assisted movement of accessories fitted to the bracket between two positions – a stowed position where the accessory rests on the roof rack and a deployed position where the accessory is located at a lateral position on the side edge of the roof rack.


  • Reclaim valuable roof space
  • Reduce overall height if needed
  • Easy access to your 4x4 accessories


When the accessory bracket is in the deployed position it (and the attached accessories) extend upwards from the roof rack and thus adds to the overall height. This increase in height impacts on the ability of the vehicle to pass under overhangs and or gain access to height restricted car parks. However, the CROC HINGE® bracket allows for the accessory to be stowed flat and thus impacts less on vehicle height than other accessory brackets.




What you get:

  • Easy to follow installation instructions,
  • 2 x 304 grade stainless steel brackets compatible with most popular flat roof racks* (Check combination before ordering)
  • Mounting pins sold separately as they are dependent on the accessory you wish to fit.

Load Rating: Rated Load Bearing Capacity of 35kg per Set of Brackets


CROC HINGE® is guaranteed to fit the Pioneer roof rack system by Rhino Rack. It allows mounting of MAXTRAX, TREDS and a variety of other forms of recovery boards. CROC HINGE® also suits the mounting of MAXTRAX on the Yakima Brand Roof Rack. Please note that if using TREDS on the Yakima rack then you will need a Bridge Plate (sold separately).


*Please Be Aware: There are countless roof racks and recovery boards on the market and we can’t guarantee each and every combination however if your specific set up is not detailed on our site please don’t hesitate to get in touch to determine suitability.

If you’re wanting a CROC HINGE® mount for your awning, please check out our awning specific model here.


If your specific set up is not detailed on our site please get in touch with CROC HINGE to determine suitability prior to purchase.




Here at AMD Touring we are proud to make it easy to find high quality Australian made 4x4, camping and caravaning gear.