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FTC Decarbonizer

FTC Decarbonizer

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Get a $20 Gift Card when you purchase FTC Decarbonizer from AMD Touring. T&C's apply

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FTC Decarbonizer acts as a combustion catalyst to burn carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, turbos, and DPF filters.
Burning fuel faster, easier and cleaner!
25% longer engine life.

  • Restores power and economy
  • Reduces oil use and blowby
  • Deglazes and de-cokes engines
  • Cuts smoke
  • Fast cold starts
  • Cleans diesel particulate filters
  • Extends turbocharger life
  • Kills diesel fuel growths
  • Reduces harmful emissions


Combustion Enhancer – Decarbonizer – Kills Diesel Fuel Bug outright

Designed to burn fuel faster and cleaner, as well as actually burn off carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, FTC has saved thousands of engines from carbon related failures, rejuvenated performance and economy, increased engine life by 20% (and in some cases much more) and kept emission control equipment and sensors from malfunctioning due to deposit formations.

Mitsubishi FP418 Truck: (Interstate Removal firm). We first purchased FTC Decarbonizer after suffering suspected glazing in a rebuilt engine (due to light loads and cold conditions). The engine was down on power and billowed white smoke. Within six hours of using FTC, there was no white smoke and power improved. On top of that, we are saving $1000 on diesel for every 5L bottle of FTC Decarbonizer.


FTC Decarbonizer is THE real life FIX for cylinder glaze, and carbon in combustion & exhaust spaces (including turbochargers, catalytic convertors and diesel particulate filters). You won’t need to clean or regenerate DP filters! FTC works directly at the CAUSE of the problem. FTC safely burns off all cylinder glaze and hard carbon from these areas. Using FTC, engines become totally free of hard carbon build up! The level of internal cleanliness is the most dramatic confirmation of the benefits of ongoing FTC use!!

  • Trucks, boats, 4×4’s, cars, earthmovers, farming, small 2 & 4 stroke petrols
  • Deglazes and decokes engines
  • Stops diesel smoke & improves diesel emissions
  • Assists keeping EGR’s, cat convertors, Diesel Particulate filters & exhaust sensors clean and trouble free
  • No need to regenerate or physically clean DP filters
  • Restores power & economy
  • Actually speeds combustion to produce more power for the same fuel burnt.
  • Fast cold starts
  • Reduces blow by & oil use
  • 1Ltr treats 1600Ltrs of Diesel

SAVINGS HISTORY: Has saved or postponed rebuilding thousands of vehicles suffering diesel smoke from $4000 to $500,000



Does your engine suffer ANY of these?

  • Smoke
  • Engine Glazing
  • Carbon build up
  • Poor economy
  • Power loss
  • Hard starting
  • Engine Blowby
  • Fuel Growths

FTC Decarbonizer is an ideal engine carbon cleaner for safely burning off cylinder glaze and carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces. Engines using FTC become totally free of hard carbon buildup.

FTC is an effective cylinder deglazer and can correct diesel smoke, power loss, heavy fuel consumption, engine blowby, oil dripping, hard starting; caused by glaze and/or carbon buildup.

What causes carbon? Engines not working hard enough for long enough e.g. short runs, light loads, excessive idling, cool operating temperature, poor fuel quality, poor maintenance or bad luck.



We recomend wearing gloves while using this product as it has the tendancy to stain your hands yellow like the simpsons. It is non toxic so don't worry if you do happen to stain yourself. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aidan C
FTC Decarboniser

Been using this product for about six months and the difference is amazing. Cleaner acceleration and less soot. AMD also cheaper than going dire t to the manufacturer! Win win

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5 star review! We are happy to hear FTC Decarbonizer has made a big difference to your vehicle over the past six months. Knowing that you've noticed a significant improvement in cleaner acceleration and reduced soot.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and hearing feedback like yours makes all our efforts worthwhile. We're here for any further needs or questions you might have. Thank you for choosing AMD Touring.

Mal Flanagan
Just like I dropped in a turbo under the bonnet

The background.....

I have a 1997 standard diesel 80 series Landcruiser that has done about 340000km. A little slow going up hills and even slower if carrying some weight in the back. Also a little smokey when it's under stress.
I purchased the decarboniser FTC. I have tried one or two fuel additives in the past and was uncertain whether to try this. As there were no negative reviews on the web and it was an actual Australian company ( not just a Chinese one posting from a Sydney warehouse!), I decided to give it a go.

The good....

Pretty much after the first tank full I felt the accelerator was more responsive, but thought maybe I was imagining it until another family member also mentioned it. Seems to have less smoke when under pressure and definitely requires less accelerator input for the same power output, which to a small degree was reflected in slightly better fuel consumption as well as the pick up.

Not so good....
Went on a 10 day trip and probably lost a potential two or three tank refills from the bottle due to excessive venting. Yellow stains everywhere and hard to deal with smells in the cab.
Quite expensive, but I felt the results were worth buying more. Haven't done this yet as I need to come up with some other option for transporting this on a trip. Undecided about another purchase until then.

Hi Mal, Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed review!

It's great to hear that your vehicle's performance has drastically improved!

I have sent you an email to try and better understand the venting problem you experienced.
Yellow stains are nontoxic however they are annoying to clean, I personally use gloves when using the Ftc Decarbonizer. I will update the description to make a note of this as it's a detail I have overlooked.
We are glad to hear that you believe the cost is worth it. We know that cheaper products often do not live up to their hype.

Thank you again for the positive review and I will keep in touch via email to figure out what caused the venting.

Australian Made Retail Supporter