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AMD Touring

Custom LandCruiser stickers

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Get YOUR LandCruiser on some high quality stickers!

Any LandCruiser Any coulour! We won't print till you're satisfied!

Get 15 custom stickers for just $140 for a limited time

(Min order of 15)


The standard size is 20Cm x 3.5Cm from the widest points. This can however be discussed.


Free Shipping in a tracked envelope.
It's as simple as 1, 2 and 3!

1. Place your order 

2. We will contact you and find a suitable photo to go off

3. We will put your rig on a high-quality sticker and make sure you're completely satisfied before we print and send them to you!



We also have some pre-made stickers for...
Troopys/ Troop Carriers
40s LandCruisers
60s Landcruisers 
75s landCruisers
76s landCruiser
79s landCruiser  
80s LandCruiser
100s LandCruiser 


*Due to high demand and being a new service there is currently at least a 2-week wait before we can start designing your perfect sticker. 

Here at AMD Touring we are proud to make it easy to find high quality Australian Made 4x4, camping and caravaning gear.