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Rust Remover Liquid Soak

Rust Remover Liquid Soak

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Rusted Solutions Rust Remover Liquid Soak is a rust remover for cars, 4wds & Trailers.
This rust remover liquid soak is the easiest way to remove corrosion on your 4wd. 
Our easy to use, no mess product makes removing rust such a simple process.
By submersing the section of rust into the solution, It will penetrate the corroded surface and completely remove the rust in a matter of hours . 
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous and Non Flammable
  • Will not damage good paint, rubber, plastic, gel coat or timber
  • Re-usable over and over again
  • Easy disposal
  • Sizes available 1 Litre to 200 Litres.
  • Australian Made
 (Heavy rusting may need to be left submerged for a longer period) 
Pictured with Xtroll Rust Conqueror & Rust Remover Gel

Rust Remover – Liquid Soak Instructions.

 1. If possible remove all grease and dirt etc before starting. The cleaner your item is to start with the longer your solution will last and the faster it will work.

2. If you are using concentrate mix the solution 4:1 using clean water (4 Parts Water plus 1 Part Concentrate).

3. Place the rusty item into a plastic container or re-sealable bag (do not use metal). or Try and have as little space around your item as possible as you need less solution. Soft Drink Bottles filled with water and placed in containers work
well to raise the level of the solution.

4. Place the item into the container then pour in enough solution to completely cover it.

5. Come back occasionally to test the progress using a small brush (toothbrush or similar) against the rusted surface.

6. This point is optional but prolongs the working life of the solution; when testing we like to take the item out of the solution, and brush it in or under clean water to remove the loose rust. Less rust in the solution makes the solution last longer.

7. Once your item is free from all rust wash it thoroughly with clean water. If the item has turned black simply wash it with a good quality Degreaser then rinse again with water and dry it (using a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun). If painting use an etch primer to assist paint to stick to the new smooth surface or apply your finishing product (Machine Oil or Wax etc)

8. Drain the used solution into a bottle for re-use or dispose of it safely (whilst the product is environmentally friendly, there may be different elements suspended in the solution from the
cleaning process)

Click here to download Rust Remover Liquid Soak instructions

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