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Multi-Purpose Blanket for Leisure, Safety & Survival

Multi-Purpose Blanket for Leisure, Safety & Survival

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Leisure - Savitrek’s waterproof and non-stick material makes it the perfect blanket for outdoor activities like picnics, camping, lazing around the yard or inside the house and beach days. Take it to the cricket or sporting event and wrap (snuggle yourself in it) it around you, use it for the back seat of your car for you dog – your crew will be able to spot you in the high vis, and it will keep you warm and dry in any weather!

Safety - More than just a blanket, Savitrek is a versatile safety tool. It’s high vis with hi reflective, fire resistant material makes it a necessity for every safety kit. Keep it in the back of your car or add it to your outdoor adventure business’ field kit to have it available for any situation.

Survival - Add a Savitrek blanket to your camping, trekking, mountain summit climb, or boating survival check list. Savitrek’s high vis, hi reflective, windproof, waterproof, warmth qualities will make it the best aide aid in any outdoor survival situation. Whether you are in water, snow or bush, your Savitrek blanket will be a vital part of your survival pack and general everyday use.

Our innovated Patent Pending, Branded SAVITREK multi-purpose blanket for Leisure, safety, and survival and also as a simple outdoor Picnic, beach, camping blanket an all-around blanket, suited for all your needs from trekking adventure to mountain climbing, lazing poolside to the riverside, in the house to the outdoor patio, back yard, from park bench at Cape York to top of the mountains in Tasmania, while playing on the grass a with your baby as a blanket. Go for a picnic with the family at Cradle Mountain to sitting on the rocks next to the waterways of King George River, have a coffee, having a coldie, or sipping on a glass of wine. Spending time with the love of your life while playing fetch ball with your dog. The true love of pleasures is never-ending.

Designed for the Aussie outback it's built to withstand the rugged landscape from desert heat to winter snow. Be easily noticed or found day or night thanks to the highly reflective material. Great as a stadium blanket, concert blanket, and to watch all your outdoor winter snowboarding, skiing, sledding events, great for the football, cricket, friends & family at local game days.

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