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Teacup Candle - Soy Candle - Lily of the Valley Fragrance

Teacup Candle - Soy Candle - Lily of the Valley Fragrance

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Something different in soy candles !!

Handpoured soy candle in a vintage teacup and saucer. 

The saucer is a pallet shape and large enough to put your cake on.

These were known as Tennis Sets.


  • White Soy Candle
  • Reusable porcelain vintage Teacup and Saucer.


Lily of The Valley.

A beautiful floral and feminine fragrance that reminds us of Spring.

When soy candle is finished before using as a teacup simply wash your teacup in hot soapy water to remove any leftover wax & wick.

These are a lovely gift idea for anytime of the year or any occasion.
They also make a gorgeous treat for yourself.


Always remember to trim your wick after every use.

This helps your candle burn for longer and keeps the flame at an acceptable height.

Never leave a candle unattended or around young children.

Think about where you place your candle in your house.

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