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Toyota LandCruiser LC200 Recovery Points

Toyota LandCruiser LC200 Recovery Points

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*This product is often made to order. The estimated wait time is 4 weeks from the time of placing the order. 

You often hear about ensuring you have an adequate recovery kit before heading off-road, but what many overlook is perhaps the most important part – the recovery point itself. Factory tow and tie-down points on your vehicle simply aren’t designed for safe off-road use. Upgrading to points designed specifically to handle the load stresses of recovery situations ensures that when the inevitable happens, you’re ready to go.


Toyota LandCruiser LC200 Recovery Points Features:

  • 20mm thick Australian Made Steel, Billet CNC Machined.
  • Soft shackle friendly, with a large opening and rounded edges.
  • Designed to safely manage stresses generated during an angled recovery.
  • Low profile and specifically designed for the LC200, for optimium approach/departure angles.
  • Featuring a Cerakote finish in Sedona Red. Cerakote is renowned for being an incredibly durable, corrosion-resistant ceramic coating. Typically used on firearms, it resists most solvents and chemicals, and has high levels of hardness and adhesion.
  • 5000kg WLL. 


  • 2 x Recovery Tow Points (1 Pair Sedona Red)
  • 4 x M12 G10.9 High Tensile Bolts
  • 4 x M12 Nord-Lock Washers


Frequently asked questions:

Q. Can you recover from just one point, or do you need to use a bridle between the two? 

A. The recovery points are rated to 5000kg per point and you can recover using one point, however, it is best practice to use a bridle as it spreads the load more evenly. It will depend on your judgment in a given recovery situation. By using both points with a bridle you will give yourself more of a safety margin, especially during a difficult recovery.


Q. What tools are needed to fit them?

A. They are very easy to fit and the only special tool you might need is a torque wrench to get the 126Nm for the high tensile bolts. Fitting instructions are available via the link above. 



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