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Ultimate Diesel Pack

Ultimate Diesel Pack

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    • Full vehicle pack
    • Treats engines, transmissions (auto & manual), transfer cases, final drives, power steering
    • Full fuel system clean
    • Engine & cooling system flush.
    • Cleans & improves turbo and DPF efficiency
    • Restore and/or maintain new equipment performance.
    • Extended service life for diesel powered vehicles.
    • Suitable for all diesel engines.
    • Reduces harmful emissions


    Ultimate Diesel Pack

    Designed for the ultimate in protection, wear reduction, stress reduction, as well as restoration and preservation of pristine cleanliness to fuel systems, emission control systems, all lubricated components,combustion spaces, turbocharger and exhaust systems (including cat convertors, diesel particulate filters & emission control sensors), intake systems and cooling systems. This is a whole of vehicle pack, which also treats transmissions (auto & manual), transfer cases, final drives, power steering, etc, and is designed to restore and/or maintain new equipment performance and provide greatly extended service life.

    NOTE: These products are not designed to shift harmful deposit build ups (eg from EGR’s and intake manifolds) downstream through combustion spaces. We recommend that where major build ups occur in these spaces, they be manually cleaned to avoid downstream damage. The package will then maintain improved cleanliness.


    Save $72 to $175 by purchasing our products in one of these packs…

    Ultimate Diesel pack- Small

    • 1 Ltr Aw10 Antiwear
    • 1 Ltr FTC Decarbonizer
    • 1 x 250 ml CRD Fuel Enhancer
    • 1 x 250 mL Flushing Oil Concentrate
    • 1 x 250mL RMI25
    • 1 x FTC Ezypor Dispenser
    • Regular Price $438.95
    • Pack Price $359
    • Save $79.95

    Ultimate Diesel pack- Large

    • 5L AW10 Antiwear
    • 5L FTC Decarbonizer
    • 1L CRD Fuel Enhancer
    • 500 ml Flushing Oil Concentrate
    • 1 L RMI 25
    • Regular Price $994
    • Pack Price $819
    • Saving $175
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