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Xtroll Chassis Guard

Xtroll Chassis Guard

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Chassis Guard 

  • Ultimate 4wd rust prevention spray
  • Full underbody treatment to stop & prevent rust.
  • Guards against saltwater and sand
  • Full corrosion protection 
  • Suitable for all vehicles new and old 
  • Australian made

Once applied chassis guard creates and impervious barrier protecting your vehicle from extreme salt water environment.


XTROLL Chassis Guard is the ultimate rust protection Spray for your 4wd. 

Chassis guard is the go to under spray to stop or prevent salt water and rust from destroying your vehicle 

The easy to use spray bottle application is perfect for both new and older vehicles.

With a long-lasting clear hard drying finish.


How to use Chassis Guard 


Spray evenly across  all underbody surfaces.
When possible apply a second coat 4 to 6 hours after first coat.

Avoid overspray  so as not to damage paintwork  – Under chassis application only. 

(avoid all sensors and wiring connectors)


COVERAGE:  1 Ltr will cover most 4wd underbody’s.
                            2 Ltr for heavily corroded vehicles or larger 4wd’s 
(Up to 25 sqm on clean, well prepared surfaces)


DRYING TIME: 6 – 12 hours per coat, depending on conditions.


CLEAN UP: Mineral Turps


Chassis Guard Preparation 

Chassis Guard can be applied directly to the underbody of your 4wd.

Best practice:

  • Apply Chassis Guard to a clean surface.
  • Give the underbody surface a detergent based wash followed up with a degrease and water wash down.
  • Once dry apply Chassis Guard. 
  • Allow 7 days drying time before exposing to a heavy salt water environment.

Having a grime free surface will give chassis guard a much better adhesion that may only need to be reapplied every 12 months.


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