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Water, fuel & power tips for your next free camping trip - Hitch campers

Free yourself from the constraints of the typical caravan park site.

Let loose and escape the crowds to enjoy natures best.

Check out our tips and leave behind the traditional "powered site".

Australia has been blessed with amazing landscapes for you to have the ultimate free camping experience. Free campers are spoiled for choice - from vast desert scapes to majestic open fields, dramatic coastlines, thrilling outcrops, and more!

Whether youre an experienced free camper or just starting out after years of “powered site” boredom, its always a necessity to have your essentials - water, fuel, power, and your Canning Teardrop Camper - at the ready.


You need fuel to get to your destination but what if your current setup doesnt have the fuel capacity to do so?

When purchasing jerry cans or fuel containers, they must:

  • Follow the Australian Standard AS2906 for jerry can design and make
  • Do not use water containers as these allow vapours to pass through
  • Only use fuel jerry cans for fuel not for water and vice-versa

The Canning Teardrop Camper comes with a standard 20L jerry can holder for your convenience, there is also the option for an additional jerry can holder/s.



Power in your campsite can mean a lot of things such as:

  • Safety and security
  • Visibility
  • Comfort

These conditions are vital for all free campers, experienced and newbies alike. Powering up your campsite can also mean a nice cold beer at hand, and food thats kept fresh.

Here are just a few options:

  • Generators  - ideal to have when running gear on 240 volts or for recharging batteries. While it is very practical to have, it can be bulky to store and is noisy when runIf you are looking to bring a generator (or two), check first with your campsite as some will only allow them to be used at certain hours or even not at all.
  • Solar panels - environment friendly and can be permanently mounted and are quiet and can keep your batteries topped up nicely. 
  • Inverters - great for converting your battery power into an AC current to run your 240 volt appliances meaning you can be fully off grid and run all your home comforts and appliances whilst traveling. 

The Canning Teardrop Camper Tech Pack comes equipped with the Enerdrive 150W roof mounted solar panel for easy access to all the power you need and 600w and 2000w Inverter options as well as a bluetooth monitoring from your smartphone. 


Water is a very vital resource to have at all times. So when it comes to free camping, make sure you have more than enough potable water with you. As a general rule, the average person needs about 2 litres of water per day, but you must consider water needed for cooking, bathing, and cleaning also.

A 90 litre fresh water tank comes standard with every Canning Teardrop Camper and you can carry up to 180 litres, by adding an additional tank either separately or part of our Adventure Pack and don’t forget we have a 20L Jerry Can holder as standard with the option for more. 


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