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Caravan 4 in 1 Toilet Cleaner

Caravan 4 in 1 Toilet Cleaner

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Eco Traveller has formulated the first all in one cleaning and deodorising solution that effectively services your portable toilet, whilst ensuring the environment is protected in the process. Offering a simple to use bottle that provides you the convenience of cleaning your toilet effectively and with ease.


Frequeently asked questions:

Q. Can I use 4 in 1 instead of ProTreat satchels?

A. No. The 4in1 is missing some of the active ingredients required to treat the toilet waste on its own. It is better used in conjunction with ProTreat.



Q. Can I use 4in1 to clean my entire caravan bathroom?

A. Yes the 4in1 can be diluted in the trigger bottle provided and used as a general purpose bathroom cleaner.



Q. How much do I add to the trigger bottle?

A. Add 75mls with cold water to the trigger bottle



Q. Can I use 4in1 as a rinse additive?

A. Yes simply add 100ml to your rinse tank with fresh water.



Q. What other applications can I use 4in1?

A. The 4in1 is an amazingly versatile product. Customers have used it to remove odours from their kitchen sinks, to clean mould off awnings, to clean and deodorise their portable fridge and to treat pet urine odours. We would be interested to hear of any new applications for this amazing product?


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