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Caravan bathroom starter bundle

Caravan bathroom starter bundle

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Bathroom Starter Bundle options

Are you looking for an Australian made and owned alternative to treat your portable toilet?

  • Safe for all environments the ideal combination of probiotics and environmentally friendly ingredients, that help breakdown waste and remove odours from your caravan, boat, RV and motorhome toilets.
  • Drop and Go pre portioned water soluble sachets eliminate the need for messy chemicals and over use.
  • Suitable for all portable toilets ProTreat sachets can be used in grey water, black water, holding tank, cassette style and composting portable toilets. Designed for use with both 1s and 2s and regular house hold toilet paper. Not recommended for use with 1s only.
  • World first 4 in 1 product. The only multipurpose probiotic cleaning concentrate.


Bathroom Starter Bundle 1

Pack 1 1x ProTreat, 1x 4in1, 1x 4in1 Spray Bottle(empty)

Bathroom Starter Bundle 2

2x ProTreat, 2x 4in1, 1x 4in1 Spray Bottle(empty)

Bathroom Starter Bundle 3

3x ProTreat, 3x 4in1, 1x 4in1 Spray Bottle(empty)


    Safer for the environment

    Our ProTreat sachets are 100% Biodegradable, septic and grey water safe and can be dumped at any dump point.


    Quick and Convenient

    Pre measured single use sachets are cleaner and easier to drop into the holding tank. Works with all toilet paper brands.


    No Toxic Chemicals

    No poisons

    Naturally occurring probiotics

    Green surfactants

    Fresh fruity fragrance


    Frequently asked questions: ProTreat

    Q. How often do you add a ProTreat sachet?

    A. Each time you empty the tank you need to add a sachet and 2L of cold water.


    Q. Can we dump the waste in a normal toilet?

    A. The waste in the portable toilet will be well broken down including the paper so you should be fine to dispose of in a normal toilet.

    If you plan on doing this in public toilets or caravan parks I would check with the owners first as they may not approve.


    Q. How long will the sachets last?

    A. Each sachet will last in the tank until the tank is full. This ranges from 3-7 days or longer in larger black water tanks.


    Q. Will these work in composting toilets?

    A. We have many customers who have composting toilets who use our products to improve the breakdown process and control odours in the toilet. We suggest dissolving the sachet in a small amount of water and pouring it over the compost. Our 4in1bowl and bathroom cleaner will also keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean whilst maintaining the compost.


    Q. Do these work in Black Water Tanks?

    A. In black water tanks we recommend adding a sachet on day one with 10L of water. The reason for adding 10L is so that the bottom of the tank is covered in water, you can try it with less if needed. On day three add an additional sachet and another on day 10. You may want to add the sachets at different day intervals depending on if and when odours appear.


    Q. Do these work in Grey Water Tanks

    A. Yes our products work very well in grey water tanks. Simply add a sachet to a bucket of warm water pour the contents down the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower drain. You can add additional sachets if odours appear.


    Q. What ingredients are in the sachets?

    A. Our ProTreat sachets contain a blend of naturally occurring microbes, green anionic surfactants, enzymes and fragrance.


    Q. When dumping the cassette, is EcoTraveller Protreat safe for to be emptied into a ATU system?

    A. Yes they are perfect in dumping in an ATU system. Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) are similar to standard septic systems in that they use natural processes to treat wastewater. But unlike conventional systems, ATUs also use oxygen to break down organic matter, much the same as municipal wastewater treatment systems, but in a scaled-down version.


    Q. How many sachets in each pack?

    A. There are 15 sachets in a pack.


    Q. What is the use by date of each pack?

    A. We have a best by date for compliance reasons. The product will continue to work long past the best by date.

    We also offer a 2 year guarantee on all products from purchase date. Please let us know if you have any issues with your product.


    Frequently asked questions: 4 in 1

    Q. Can I use 4in1 instead of the ProTreat sachets?

    A. No. The 4in1 is missing some of the active ingredients required to treat the toilet waste on its own. It is better used in conjunction with ProTreat.


    Q. Can I use 4in1 to clean my entire caravan bathroom?

    A. Yes the 4in1 can be diluted in the trigger bottle provided and used as a general purpose bathroom cleaner.


    Q. How much do I add to the trigger bottle?

    A. Add 75mls with cold water to the trigger bottle


    Q. Can I use 4in1 as a rinse additive?

    A. Yes simply add 100ml to your rinse tank with fresh water.


    Q. What other applications can I use 4in1?

    A. The 4in1 is an amazingly versatile product. Customers have used it to remove odours from their kitchen sinks, to clean mould off awnings, to clean and deodorise their portable fridge and to treat pet urine odours. We would be interested to hear of any new applications for this amazing product?



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