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Caravan door latch extender

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Have you seen these door latches? An incredible invention that will extend your caravan door latch, giving you more room behind the door. This is especially handy if you have a van that has a window behind the door.


Made by RSG Accessories in Brisbane, these Door Latch Extensions solve a common problem in many caravans that are unable to open their windows when the door is also open.

The Door Latch is able to attach to your existing door latch and adjust to several lengths, up to 280mm, to allow for different degrees of window openings. There is a ring included to act as a spacer for larger door latches. The end is moulded in the same shape as your existing door latch and fits straight into the existing attachment on your van. To install, simply undo the nut, place your existing door latch on top of the raised section and re-tighten nut. 


  • Easy to use - easy twist lock nut
  • Fits on most caravan doors
  • Australian made
  • Adjustable in size



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