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Cem Flushing Oil Concentrate

Cem Flushing Oil Concentrate

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Our flushing oil concentration is designed to restore pristine cleanliness to the dirtiest of engines (diesel and petrol), Flushing Oil Concentrate
has saved many thousands of diesels from expensive rebuilds.

  • Removes engine sludge & hard carbon
  • Frees stuck piston rings
  • Reduces smoke, blowby & oil use
  • Restores compression
  • Prevents diesel oil going black straight after a change
  • Suitable for all engines, transmissions & diffs




Flushing Oil Concentrate will restore even the dirtiest petrol or diesel engines to pristine cleanliness, and it’s directly helped thousands of people avoid costly rebuilds.

Many engines that are well within serviceable amounts of wear, run as if they’re worn out! That’s because a perfectly good engine will suffer with poor performance, if the engine is dirty or contains harmful deposits. Flushing Oil Concentrate removes the grime and sludge from your engine, leaving it spotless and allowing it to run without all that damaging dirt. This results in significant performance improvements!

Mack & Detroit Fleet: (Mark James, Wellmix Pty Ltd) We have been using the Flushing Oil Concentrate for a fair while now, in some of our older 12L Macks and Series 60 Detroit Diesels, and with great success. These engines had developed a fair bit of blow-by and were using more oil. We find that using the Flushing Oil Concentrate reduces blow-by and oil use in these older engines. We’ve even had engines with 2 million kms respond well to the Flushing Oil Concentrate.

Nissan 4.2TD Patrol: (Peter Simms, HUMPTYDOO NT). Peter had spent thousands of $$$ replacing radiators, clutch fan hubs, thermostats, chemical cleaning, and more… Nothing solved his overheating! In fact over the last 3 years, it just got worse & worse. The temp gauge would sit 3-4mm above the ½ way mark. Every time it ran hot, the air conditioner would cut out. After doing a web search, and finding reports of solving this problem, Peter finally tried the Flushing Oil Concentrate & Cleanpower pack. Overheating problem solved! Now at 110kph uphill, towing the quad bike trailer, and the temp stays cool. Peter also reports that after his first flush, the new oil was amber clean on the dipstick. Normally it went black straight away.

Flushing Oil Concentrate is THE real-life FIX for sludgy engines, and perking up performance in mid life & older engines. It restores FULL cleanliness to all lubricated parts of engines, transmissions & hydraulics.

Here are just some of the engine problems that Flushing Oil Concentrate has fixed:

  • Dirty Black Oil
  • Stuck piston rings
  • Engine Sludge
  • Engine compression loss
  • Power Loss
  • Oil use
  • Diesel Smoke
  • Rough Idle
  • Overheating
  • Engine start problems
  • Engine Blow by

It leaves all lubricated parts of engines, transmissions and hydraulics in spotless condition.

  • Removes sludge & hard carbon.
  • Frees sticking piston rings.
  • Cuts smoke & Blowby.
  • Restores power & economy.

Our concentrated oil flush has helped our customers save thousands on engine rebuilds, from $4000 to $200,000.

It’s cheap to use too! Just 250mL of engine oil flush keeps a Landcruiser or Patrol clean for 10 oil changes. Or it will clean up 2 dirty ones.

Order yours today!

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