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Ocean wash cleaning pack for your boat

Ocean wash cleaning pack for your boat

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The Ocean Pack is a complete kit to look after your boat.


This kit Includes

  • Foaming Spray Gun
  • 1L Foam Rinse
  • Microfibre wash Mitt
  • Microfibre Drying Towel
  • Free shipping
  • 60 Day money back guarantee 


Safer for the environment

All our boat and car wash products are 100% biodegradable and presented in easily recycled containers.


Super Concentrated

Our super concentrated formula means you get more washes from each bottle.


No Toxic Chemicals

Ph Neutral Formula


Frequently asked questions:

Q. How much Foam rinse do I use?

A. Add 900mL of water to your Spray Guncanister and add 40mL of Foam Rinse.


Q. How do I apply the Foam Rinse?

A. Simply fill your Spray Gun bottle with Spray Rinse, plug the hose in and pull the trigger. The Spray Gun can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of Foam Rinse sprayed to deal with how much fun you’ve had getting everything dirty.


Q. How much do I need to spray?

A. Just spray enough over your car, caravan or boat to cover the surface with foam. Just one coating will do.


Q. How long do I leave the foam on?

A. For normal cleaning, leave the foam to soak for a minute or two. By the time you’ve gone around the whole rig, you should be ready to rinse off. If you’ve had extra fun through and the ride is filthy, then give it a couple more minutes to do its thing while you remember the fun you had getting it this messy.

Don’t get too carried away in the memories though and let the foam dry.


Q. Do I rinse it off or start to wash the car?

A. Always rinse the Foam Rinse off the car as this will also rinse off any dirt particles, bugs and salt that may cause fine scratches to your finish.

For best results, follow it up with Outback 2 Ocean Wash for a perfect shine.



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