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Stainless Steel Drawer Table Top to suit Titan, ARB & MSA

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Stainless Steel Drawer Table Top to suit Titan, ARB, MSA, RVSS & Dobinsons

Sometimes you just want a quick work surface, without having to get out the folding table. Drawer tables are perfect for life on the road, whether it’s a roadside lunch, a little email catchup, or the ultimate drinks bar at the campsite.



  • Stainless Steel is easy to clean, hardwearing, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Each table provides a good surface area, and fits snugly on the drawer top.
  • Made from 1.2mm thick food grade 304 Stainless Steel with folds for extra strength and rigidity.



Designed to fit drawers where the outside width of a single drawer is 440mm wide. Suits the following brands:

  • Titan
  • ARB
  • Dobinsons
  • RVSS

Designed to fit drawers where the outside width of a single drawer is 475mm wide. Suits the following brands:

  • Titan
  • MSA
  • ARB

Please measure the width of your drawer setup to confirm fitment before placing an order.



  • Stainless Steel Drawer Table/s – Please select either 1 or 2 Tables AND either 440mm or 475mm wide above.



*Table only, does not include any other accessories or drawers pictured.


Freuently asked questions

Q. My table seems to be a slightly different size, is there any tolerance in the 440 and 475mm width? 

A. Yes, we do build a 3mm tolerance in our tabletops in order to account for differences in the drawers themselves. Our 440 top will comfortably fit up to 443mm and our 475 will do up to 478mm. 



Here at AMD Touring we are proud to make it easy to find high quality Australian made 4x4, camping and caravaning gear.

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