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Large 24v Travel Buddy oven / Truck Oven

Large 24v Travel Buddy oven / Truck Oven

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Simply load the 24v Travel Buddy oven (Commonly reffered to as the truck oven) up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas hotdogs, nacho's, Muffins or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and set the timer. Its as simple as that! Now you can cook food while you'r on the go or even when parked.



– Cook or warm up a meal on the move
– Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect your battery from running dead

– 24 Volt DC 6 Amp 144 Watt
– Insulated stainless steel
– Manufactured and designed in Australia

– Max temp of 200 degrees Celsius

24 volt truck oven Uses:

The Travel Buddy is a sturdy oven that you can take anywhere. The stainless steel makes it easy to use and to clean. If your vehicle has a socket for a cigarette lighter, then there is nowhere that the Travel Buddy can’t go! Heat a meal while you travel, it doesn’t matter if there are no shops around, your meal will be ready when you arrive. The Travel Buddy’s heating temperature reaches approximtely 190 degrees celcius after the initial warm up.


External Dimensions

Height 190mm
Width 320mm
Depth 280mm


Internal Dimensions

Height 100mm
Width 265mm
Depth 250mm


Ideal for
– 4wds
– Camping
– Tradespeople
– Transport
– Caravans
– Boats
– Touring
– Farmers and more!


A Travel Buddy will actually SAVE you money.

1. No gas required to cook or heat up your meals

2. No expensive meals from servos or Fast food restaurants. You can buy a pack of your favorite pies for the same price as 1 pie from a servo!



Please note:

The oven needs to be heat-cycled at least once before use. Minor smoke may appear when burning off residue on the element from manufacturing.


It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure the correct polarity is provided to the oven and sufficient wiring size and plug quality is used to prevent damaged wiring and/or oven. As this unit draws 10 amps, it is suggested where possible, to hardwire directly to the power supply. Do not do this until you have consulted a licensed professional. We have found that the female plugs in several vehicles are varied sizes and without a firm fit, this can cause overheating in the plug.

Doing this will NOT affect the warranty. However, we do suggest doing your own research on your electrical setup and its compatibility with this appliance. Usually Anderson plugs are the way to go for a firm connection.

Also please note trays and anything thing else in the photos are not included.


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