Australian Made Camping Gifts

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Camper's Choice Spare Wheel Bin Bag

$199.00 AUD

Soft Ute Swag

$1,300.00 AUD

Firewood Bag

$25.00 AUD

Standard Swag Pocketz

$150.00 AUD

Large Camo Bag

$35.00 AUD

Hard Lid Ute Swag

$1,100.00 AUD

Double Swag Pocketz

$180.00 AUD

Our selection of Australian Made products we believe make great gifts for any occasion! 


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This is not all Australian Made Camping products on the AMD Touring marketplace. Please browse our website if you would like to see what else we have to offer.


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Welcome to our collection of Australian Made camping gifts, specially created for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. At AMD Touring, we take pride in showcasing a huge range of high quality, locally made products that are not only designed to enhance your camping experience but also support local businesses here in Australia.

Why Choose Australian Made Camping Gifts?

When you choose Australian-made camping gifts, you're not only getting exceptional quality but also contributing to the sustainability of our beautiful country. Here are a few reasons to love them:

  1. Unparalleled Quality: Australian manufacturers are known for their commitment to producing durable and reliable products, ensuring your camping gear stands the test of time.
  2. Unique Designs: Australians are really good at inventing and innovating. Many of our products stand true to this. 
  3. Environmental Responsibility: Choosing locally made products minimizes the carbon footprint associated with long distance shipping and supports sustainable practices.

Explore Our Camping Gift Collection

Discover a wide variety of camping gifts that cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you're an experienced camper or new to the world of outdoor adventures, we have something for everyone. 

Support Local, Shop Local

By choosing Australian Made Camping Gifts from AMD Touring, you're supporting local businesses big and small and contributing to the growth of this beautiful place we call home.